- We are selling bot credits usable in any Marlon Bot! You will be having %10 discount by buying from us instead of buying event tickets from the MTGO store.
- Payments are made using Bitcoin and current rate is : $0.90
- Credits will be added usually in 30 minutes after payment since we are online 16-20 hours a day. In rare cases it might take up to 8 hours but never more.


To pay with bitcoin, you need to send funds to our wallet address below by scanning QR code or by directly using the text address below
MarlonMTGO Bitcoin QR
Wallet Address : 1Ls4vKTQKdYjKBk8yeLYbZz6yM3JoVSz87

- Each $1 we receive will be added as 1.111 bot credits (1 credit is $0.9 for bitcoin)

- After bitcoin payment, please send an e-mail to and let us know your MTGO account name and payment amount. Credits will be added shortly.