We are always buying MTGO collections for best prices. Just e-mail us a .csv file of the collection to alpovutmen@gmail.com and we will make you an offer for it in 24 hours. You can choose to get paid by PayPal or Event Tickets.
Here is how you can create a csv file of your collection :

  • - Log on to your account and open collection tab.
  • - Switch to list view by clicking on the square graph button at the top right hand side of the card binder.
  • - You are now seeing your collection as a list of items, just right click on any item.
  • - Choose "Select All" and then right click again and choose "Export Selected Cards to .Csv"
  • - You will be asked for a name and a place to put the .csv file, name it as your account name and choose desktop.
  • - E-mail us the .csv file and wait for your offer which will come soon :)